What To Look Out For When Storing Your Car

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You have a vehicle that you are looking for storage for. Maybe it has some sentimental value, or perhaps you put blood, sweat, and tears into making that vehicle your own. Whatever the reason, it is one of your pride and joys, and you don’t want to trust the storage to just anyone. We understand and have put together some things that you might want to consider if you are looking for a place to store your car that will be safe from theft and things such as floods and humidity. Let’s take a look.

How Are the People Who Run the Company?

Be sure that the people running the company are very professional. They are always there to answer any questions that I have, and they are quick to fix any problems that I might have. Take your time and look online to see what others have to say about the company and what its online reputation might look like. This is information that will help you feel more comfortable about leaving your vehicle in its storage. Be sure that you feel comfortable with them and comfortable with the premises that you plan to leave the vehicle as well.

It can be challenging to assess the reputation of a vintage automobile storage facility; they don’t usually come up in casual conversation, and they aren’t highly visible services. On the other hand, local storage facilities establish their own reputation over time, especially among the historic automobile community. If you have any connections with classic car dealers or groups in your region, inquire about what storage facilities they are familiar with and enjoy.

How Is the Storage Environment?

The storage facility should look to be clean and well-maintained. This will indicate how your vehicle is safe while stored. If something appears to be nice, it typically is.

There should be no gaps surrounding the building to prevent pests and moisture from entering.

The presence of dehumidifiers indicates that the environment will be kept comfortable and dry. If the unit is not dehumidified, moisture in the air could damage your automobile while it is in storage, which is especially important for individuals who require long-term car storage. As the air temperature drops at night, moisture in the air condenses on warmer objects than the surrounding air. This moisture will eventually mold growth and cause corrosion. A controlled atmosphere will keep these to a minimum, extending the life of your vehicle.

Another thing to look for is if the buildings are clean, or is there a muddy farmyard to navigate? You want a nice clean drive, obviously, to get your vehicle in and out of storage with ease.

Is the Location Safe?

A reputable storage facility will make certain that every reasonable attempt to secure the facility. Personnel entrances should have strong doors, main door entrances should added security, and fire and security alarms should be standard. Inquire whether the company has an insurance policy for automobiles under their care; some do, while others do not. Those who do may take their responsibility to care for your pride and joy a little more seriously.