What To Look Out For When Storing Your Boat


There are numerous RV and boat storage options in Phoenix, Arizona, but how do you determine which one is ideal for your family? In addition to your budget, here are some more variables to consider before settling on a boat storage solution.

Professional Customer Service

Aside from the architectural aspects of a potential facility, you need also to think about the human factor. Even with today’s technology improvements, there is no substitute for a friendly, experienced staff member when you need it – even if they are only virtual. Friendly, helpful staff is always important when looking for boat storage solutions that are right for you.

Tip: Read Yelp and Google reviews to gain a better understanding of customer service.

Storage Under Cover

Consider a facility that provides sun protection to lessen the likelihood of a breakdown and prevent having to sacrifice crucial travel time with your family. It also keeps it from looking older over time. Keeping your boat protected from the sun’s UV rays is important, but keeping the covers from being baked by the sun is also important. The covers are meant to protect the boat’s seats and soft areas, but the less exposure they endure, the better they will last.


Your budget is something that should be taken into consideration, obviously, but shouldn’t be number one. Your boat is an investment that you don’t want to just trust with anyone. You need a storage facility that will take pride in storing your boat.  Someone that will have it ready to pick up when you need it. Dose Moving and Storage is there to assist in any way we can. We understand the importance of having your boat storage secure and reliable.  This allows you to enjoy it when you have the time. Call 2866-416-5685 today!


Look for a storage option that has 24-hour monitored access, an electronic keypad, and adequate lighting. You want to leave your boat in a place that has security measures in place. Having private storage to which only those that work there have access is a bonus.  Be sure you ask about private versus public storage options.


“Location, location, location” should be an initial decision, just as it is in real estate. You’ll want to be in a convenient location so you can spend more time enjoying your boat and less time traveling. When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, a convenient location, such as easy proximity to a major highway or having it conveniently located near home, makes a lot of sense. This allows you to have better access to it when needed.

Tip: Make a mental note of the closest gas stations.

Storing your boat isn’t something that should take up a lot of your time. You want a storage facility set up for such things, and easy to get your boat and go.  It should have an easy way to set up when you will be coming and dropping off as well. Call Dose Moving and Storage today to discuss your options at 866-416-5685.