Using a Custom Storage Solution

Phoenix Custom Storage Solution

Are you struggling with finding space in your home for more of your belongings? If you are, then using a custom storage solution could be the right option. We offer custom made storage boxes that fit the contents of a single bedroom apartment.  Storage is sometimes is needed during a move and that’s why we offer it along with our moving services.

Choosing a company that specializes in providing homeowners the extra space they need through secure custom storage solutions is what we do. We work with our clients to inventory everything they put into each one of our custom storage solutions crates before we close it up.  This allows us to know exactly what is in each crate, should you just want certain things out.  Finding the perfect custom storage solution has never been easier with the use of the internet you can see the ratings of companies as well as find local companies that service the local area.

If you are looking to move into a new area and haven’t quite figured it all out, no worries!  We work with clients to ensure their moves go smoothly and as planned.  If you are moving a whole house, but are just going to live in a small apartment until you find something, renting a custom storage solution may make sense.  This way you can keep all your belongings but still downsize for a short period of time.

Better Space at Home

With our custom storage solution options, you can be sure that you’ll get the storage you need.  They will build storage that is not only big enough but very secure as well. We also offer a custom storage solution for those that have too many belongings and not enough room.  These are great for storing large Christmas displays as well.  When the season comes, give us a call and we can get everything out for you.

Doing home improvements and not sure where to put all your belongings?  Home improvements are exciting times, however, many times you need to get everything off the floors and walls and there is simply no place to put things. Our custom storage solution option can have all your rooms inventoried and accounted for.  Just pick up what you need as the rooms are complete.  It is that simple.

Begin Enjoying a Spacious Home

The very first thing that you have to do is to identify which of your belongings are not used often. These are the kinds of stuff you could store in the custom storage solution unit. Figure out what you would like to take away from the room.  And, if you have had it in storage for over a year, do you really need it?  We see people storing all kinds of things and sometimes never coming to get their things from the custom storage solution unites.  This is easy to do with our great prices.  However, it is also easy to forget and keep collecting more things.  Try to stay organized so things don’t take over your life.  Ensure if you put them in storage that you plan to use them and take them out from time to time.  Of course, if it is your entire house of things and you are still looking for that dream home, then that is certainly an exception.

We at Dose Moving offer custom made storage options available to homeowners to organizations. You will be working with a reliable team to handle your needs and to come up with the best storage solution. We have worked with many organizations that like to stage homes and have a lot of different things in these units.  Because we inventory everything it is really easy for us to find just what they need and fast.

Call us now to learn more about your options. Our storage consultants would be glad to discuss the services we offer and we could help you with your storage issues.